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The specially designed exhibitions, often organised in collaboration with French and foreign museums and institutions, take place in various historic sites. Some venues, such as 12th-century chapels or 19th-century industrial buildings, are open to the public throughout the festival.

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Each event is a one-off creation. In over 6, people attended the nighttime photography projections, an average of approximately 1, each night. Over the past 15 years large-scale photographic publications, self-published books, and ebooks have become essential media for experimentation by photographers and artists. Symposia and panel discussions Photographers and professionals participating in symposia and panel discussions during opening week discuss their work or issues raised by the images on display.

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In recent years the themes included whether a black-and-white aesthetic is still conceivable in photography ; the impact of social networks on creativity and information ; breaking with past, a key idea for photography today ; photography commissions: freedom or constraint ; challenges and changes in the photography market During the first two weeks in September, special mediators take students from the primary to graduate school level on guided tours of the wannonce rencontres ad.

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